trying to paint whipcream in color 

i dont do color paints alot not sure if im doing it right

redesign of my one mew witch amethyst

working on a fan piece of one of my favorite fandoms the wonderland 

this one being american mcgees alice 

i still dont have photoshop so im figuring out how to add colors a new way 

found the page of some of the batclan hoodies i did awhile back at my aunts 
i had limited supplies so odd colors 
i need to redo them into the book 
theres alot of robin hoodies 
i think i got some designs confused 
i have another page somewere with joker an harley hoodies but i misplaced alot of my stuff returning form my aunts i still havent found headphones i put somewere when i got home

side note i just noticed there is alot of grayson hoodies

random big spider that is living in our bathroom under our medicine cabinet

not sure what kind it is 

but i named it pluto 

was bored 

21 different color strands in each bundle 

42 strands braided all together

used ipod to photo

this wouldve probably gone better if i had started it in black n white like i usually do

i cant paint flowers i cant do color OTL
i didnt even have the flowers reference until i was mostly done with the basics

fun fun to do
recording it not so much
lots of technical difficulties

DA link here
youtube speed paint here